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Tall Ships´Race

Trainees between the ages 15 and 25 are especially welcomed for the Tall Ships’ Races voyages, but in addition there are some berths for older trainees, too.

On a Tall Ships’ Races voyage you will feel the excitement of racing, international atmosphere in the ports, and strong team spirit within your crew. The voyages are two to three weeks long and consist both of race and cruise in company legs that last for several days and of taking part in the versatile program organized in the ports.

Sail Training International (STI), the international parent organization of national sail training organizations, is the main organizer of the Tall Ships’ Races. The race is held in the Baltic Sea at least once in four years. In summer 2003 the tall ships visited Turku, in 2007 Kotka and in 2009 the ships will arrive in Turku again.

If you intend to many bookings please contact our office +35896852616 or +358405957140. You can book with the green "info" button wich is present only if there are places available.








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